Thomas Rhett

"What’s Your Country Song"

Did you grow up on a tractor
Did your daddy let you drive
Are you whiskey bent and hell bound
Even though your mama tried
Did you cruise down a backroad
With your dixieland delight
Are you on the chattahoochee
On a barefoot blue jean night

Everybody got a small town anthem
Everybody got a story to tell
Everybody got a hallelujah
Everybody been through a little hell
When you're rolling down a little two lane highway
And you turn your radio on
Tell me which one hits you baby
Yeah what’s your country song
Yeah what’s your country song

Do your exes live in Texas
Are you so lonesome you could cry
Are you heartbroke cause you know
That ain’t your truck in her drive
Are your friends all in low places
Underneath the neon moon
Are you already country
Back when country wasn't cool

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