"Thank God"

[Intro: NoCap]

[Chorus: NoCap]
They hate to see me ballin'
Cut my hair and they all turned to Ray Charles, ayy
Thank God for sparin' my life
'Cause I ain't in jail and I ain't up in the graveyard
di*k dope, she hit the tester 'cause I'm tryna make this show
This b*tch f*ckin' up my schedule when I was dead broke
Nobody thought about accepting us
Hope all this paper don't get the best of us
Ghetto say he trappin' 'til the feds come arrest us

[Verse 1: NoCap & 550]
Gone off drugs, I don't know who is me
Mismatch designer, put that Moncler with the Louis V
Whip came tinted, my n*ggas spinned, ayy, with a MAC-10
Why NoCap with NBA? I'm thinkin' 'bout where I've been, ayy
We made it through shootouts like Ray Allen
Keep my n*ggas straight 'cause I hate faggots
Subtractin' my friends, on two Addys
Spit fire, now a n*gga got the coupe draggin'
I'm geeked and I'm loaded
I hope you don't notice this
Would the hood be focused
If NoCap didn't exist? (5)
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