"Crawford Boy Free"

Today feel like a dream

Dmac on the f*ckin' track
Al'Geno on the track

Today feel like a blessing

[Hook: 1]
Yeah, yeah, yeah
My dream came true
So many years without you
You see yo lil cuz shinning you know it’s pain behind that watch yeah
You see yo lil cuz shinning you know it’s pain behind them diamonds

[Verse: 1]
I was 13 when you went, I ain’t been right ever since then
Keep a gun while I’m on papers, it’s a whole career I’m risking
I can look in your eyes & see you coming home ain’t sitting in
I can look in your eyes & see when you came home you wanted to see Slim
Burnt body on Crenshaw, who thought it would’ve be him
I’m still sitting under rain drops, can’t no one get this on film
I tried to show my good side my whole life is on camera
Can’t forget about the past, this old sh*t still gotta get handled
I thought about you everyday, your lawyer knew the judge was racist
Wishing you was on the plane when I was flying different places
Telling you how fake the industry is, these n*ggas dying just to hate me
Remember you heard my first song you told me that I was gonna be the greatest
FaceTime with you and Slim in the pin, did God forgive you for your sins
I hate the movies that I’m in
I ain’t gonna lie my n*gga this sh*t don’t feel real
Just to see you here I shed blood sweating tears
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