"Blood Burn/Have You Seen"

This life behind fame, look my mama in the eyes while I was shackled in chains
I ain't just rappin like this, at night before I go to sleep I really pray for my n*ggas
Them n*ggas try to whack some sh*t just to see me get bigger
I feel like we got guns in my…. we live forever, I feel like we got guns in my…. my life eternal

I'm gone, I'm gone, I'm gone, I'm gone
I don't belong here, Jupiter is my new home
I close my eyelids and I see myself fallin’ from thе sky
I pull a bigbody, i dont know what I’m parking in tonight
Even when the block is hot, thеm n*ggas still gone hustle
I just wonder would you give up your sins...

N*gga my mind clean, my mind still dirty
It gotta be something, my mama still worried
Before they come get me, them pills might merk me
Body beyond freeze, my blood still burning

Have you seen Blood burn, have you seen blood (2x)
Have you seen Blood burn, have you seen (2x)

Oooh, Oooh

I gave them Ghetto Angels and they cried like some babies
Ask them with no question, I’m the most underrated
I ride around with four guns, like i'm done fighting cases
When I touch a vision, I thank God that I made it
You probably calling me ungrateful
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