Cap Flow lyrics



Still sippin dirty, n*gga rest in peace to Pimp C
Gamble with my life, I got a story like Wind Creek
Gave em extra legs, them n*ggas still couldn't defeat me
Go to war about that bread, Dej Loaf, try me
Six nines in this whip but we don't ride to Tekashi
Which one I lost the most, my b*tches or my ID?
Ridin in a ghost and I know this sh*t don't hide me
So fast you cannot catch her, see no one behind me
Got n*ggas in the can so I been stackin up my green beans
Went to war in Supreme, blood on my jewelry
Police don't want a show but I heard they tryna book me
Dream chase like Pumas, on his brain like a tumor
Not a damn maid so I ain't cleanin up no rumors
I seen so much of crime, son, I'm startin to feel like Tua
I guess she always trippin cause I didn't take her on tour
They was sleepin on me, now them n*ggas hate that they was droolin
Ima kill yo dog, I hope that he don't think that he a bully
I used to shoot my shot and miss, now she willin to take a bullet for a n*gga
I hate to say I run with contract killers
Send em to the doc and we put guns in the river
Chains on like Kunta Kinte, I ain't runnin from sh*t
Thankful for all them damn haters, that's who made me rich
They say Cortez ain't get a bond, they think I'm payin for hits
I rather let em say I'm pus*y, I won't say what I did
They don't stay next door to me, I still aim above the navel
New watch, cable
Get shot, down
Not it, clown
I get, money
The sh*t, plunger
Holler we ain't do it, pumpkin
I'm ballin, donuts, Dunkin
They on slime time, grimy
A lot banana clips, monkey
Real smart cause I'm geeked
I was down to my last 34 bucks, Greek Freak
f*ck her from the back, she go to runnin like a athlete
Know we do the most cause a n*gga came from air mats
All these n*ggas duck, they shoulda signed a deal with Aflac
Lil Spec be ridin with me way more than a airbag
And he reckless
Nike all the beef, when it's smoke we gotta check it
I see all the hate in the dark
I ain't gotta hit the light switch
I wish you woulda played your part
Cause I hate to see your hair like this
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