Overdose On Love lyrics



Da-damn Dior, this sh*t crazy

I promise if yo' love was a drug, I would OD
My life important, I still post up in that dirty with my youngins and my OGs
And girl, we don't tell God the truth
If you move, take my love with you
You'd rather me to f*ck your friend or your enemy?
We shoppin' when we land, go on designer sprees
I'm what you need, I'm what you love
Them roses big, them candles lit when you get out the tub
With no problem, I'm givin' you a lot
I got old problems but they just never rot
Callin' out my name, grippin' on my chain
Girl, I never changed, I won't go the other way
Yo' water I drink, take up all lanes
See you in my dreams, I don't wanna ever wake
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