Any Minute lyrics



And we gon' keep that money
Know what I'm sayin', we gon' save that money
(Al Geno on the track)
Yeah, yeah
Shoot the fame in the face

Don't know if he a crip but when we see him, he get blew down
My whole hood at war and I'ma treat this sh*t like Nuke Town
Turn a Instagram model to a star any minute
I come from dirt but I can be a star any minute now
When you fly like this, it ain't nothing that get higher
When you shine like this, it ain't nothing that get brighter
Problems gettin' bigger
It's gettin' harder for a n*gga
He'll kill you for gun, I put a choppa on a n*gga

f*ck 'em, I'm goin' out bustin' (Pimples)
n*gga, ain't sh*t straight (Bend 'em)
I used to ride with Slim, remember?
Now I'm ridin' all alone like why the f*ck they take my n*gga?
Whop had made it out of court now he got more packs than a center

I come out that damage
They ain't got no hope, they can't do it Kansas
I cash out on the low, ain't gotta put it on camers
I turned a hoe into a wife, I put baguettes on a dancer
Found out all they love was fake but they was reelin' me in
And I do not walk in clubs unless they runnin' me bands
And they don't know I'm takin' risks, I cut off so many hands
f*ck it, we gon' take the glasses, they ain't handin' out lens
I'm a angel to my momma, I'm a demon to the streets
Every time they tell her some, she don't believe it 'bout her son
If the label send me fifty, it be gone in a month
Tryna help everyone who would've never gave me none
(Whaaa, wha, wha, wha)
Don't cry (n*gga, don't cry)
Ball (n*gga gon' ball)
John Wall (Just like John Wall)
(Whaaa, wha, wha, wha)
Don't cry (n*gga, don't cry)
Ball (n*gga gon' ball)
John Wall (Just like John Wall)
I'm waiting, they never show us love
I'm praying, I hope they going up
I'm shining, flawless how I'm flooded
Not dying, mean I did it all for nothing (Ay)
If I'm not high then I feel so awake
I got back on them pills yesterday
I bought some guns make sure the crib safe
And it ain't no more momma bills late
She took me out the hood, I went back
Got n*ggas came home and I got some n*ggas went back
The hate is on the bottom of they face like a chinstrap
Got bored and I went a bought a Frenchie, cost me six racks
But I can't buy my dawg back and God can't even fix that
When I beat this charge, I'm on they killer heads like durags
Ain't watching what I'm saying, if shoe fits, n*gga, you wear it, and don't take out the shoe pad
I'm at the top just like a forehead
Ridin' one deep, sh*t, I might go buy a moped
I'm not workin' out but I don't feel like fit in this industry
(Don't feel like I'm fit in this industry)
(Don't feel like I'm fit in this industry)
When you see me out in public, thug, salute me or some
n*gga I was in yo' shoes, I was broke with no money
n*gga ride to this song, sit back and smoke a lil' something
And say f*ck them n*ggas switched up, left you sick to yo' stomach
Ain't it's f*cked up, n*ggas switched who you would die for
We in a world full of questions with no answers
Don't forget I'm in that jungle full of mammals
Don't forget I ride around--- (Oh)
Don't forget I ride around with that hammer
Ain't no way we let a n*gga Instagram us
n*gga, I ain't scared of nothing but the damn judge
He put my n*ggas up
You want to live it up (Yeah)
But you ain't rich enough (Yeah)
You wanna hit the clubs (Yeah)
But you ain't lit enough (Yeah)
It's gon' take time (Yeah)
Just don't waste time
Grind, grind, grind, grind, grind
Know I'm sayin', run that money up
Know what I'm sayin', we gon' get this sh*t now and we gon' shine later
(Aw, aw)
Know what I'm sayin', I was just like you
I'm still that same n*gga
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