Stack all my racks had to go cop a coupe
Head of the huncho im king of maso
She swerve that lane b*tch im back on to you
Ask to much questions the f*ck did i do
I keep on ballin' this fashion within
Kodein my sprite put on cartier lens
Smoke all that bongo (weed) that sh*t get me lit
She hit my line she addicted to di*k
Iced out my wrist and i left her on read
She want me dead had to bounty my head
Good thing im sippin’ got lean on my breathe
b*tch talk to much girl i just need the neck
I ain't no killer but im still a threat
Hakuna matata im back on my bread
Pull out the chopper i aim at his head
I gotta buss it im back for revenge

Step on the gas
Burn me some rubber
Copped me some dope
Softer then butter
Im trying to f*ck
No time to cuddle
Yall taking losses
Need a rebuttal

Back on my bidness im getting this loot
She think im jealous, im jealous of who
Dodgin' that b*tch because she f*cks up my mood
Watch what you say because i study your moves
These n*ggas b*tches they bulies online
She trying to settle whenevers the time
Told that lil hoe put your pride to the side
If thats how you act baby thats what you’ll find

All of my n*ggas we back home
Living a life I be so strong
She think she pretty she not wrong
I popped a pill i be so gone
She dont always seperate she ride for me
Put her right hand on the bible for me
Say thats my b*tch she would die for me
No questions asked you a side of me
Demons they watching the back for revenge
Came for my shoes guess im f*cking again
She said she want me i want her friend
Sorry lil shordy this must be the end

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