"Flex (feat.zxgger)"

[Yung Stunna]
I can't stop flexing!
All these diamonds blessins (achoo)
Stunna got the sauce yeah
Ain't talkin bout' no dressing yeah !
Did i mention
Im strapped up with my weapon (pew pew)
This ascension
b*tches fishing for attention! (splash)

Whippin in the kitchen with my b*tches doing dishes
Stole your girl thats my mission
Count em' up just like addition

Stunna stone cold you would think im Steve Austin
b*tch im f*cking broke i got nothing in my wallet! (okay!)

Stunnin' on my ex
Jimmy Dean how i flex
Got me running up these checks
Yung Stunna im up next
Yeah yeah

Drinking lean
Poppin' beans
Zxgger and Stunna got some f*cking dank memes

She calling me randy but i am no savage
Me and Yung Stunna be smoking on cabbage
I am not up but im still living lavish
I got so lit that she tried take advantage (what)

I got that splash i got that drip i keep that nerf on my hip (yuh)
Fiji water i sip i pop a bean then i dip

I got that money i got that sauce im a f*cking boss
You a lame get lost
Pockets fat like rick ross

See ya later gotta blast
I spend that money so fast
Number one never last
I won't f*ck with you if you from my past (aye)

I dont hit no licks (nah)
I ain't with the sh*ts (okay)
Me and Yung Stunna finna pull up on yo b*tch (yuuh)

Big F.U. to Bobby McFerrin
She took the kids just like Karen
She got some boobs so im starin'
I crashed the focus into the McLaren (what) (yuh)

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