Caroline Manning

"Mornings In Paris"

Mornings in Paris
Sleeping till noon
Sippin sweet mochas
I like these French tunes
Hummin some Clair De Lune


Heel click on cobbled streets
Views from this top suite
This place I adore
Eiffel Tower at 4
USA girl in lover Land
Wishin this was my homeland

Already got the blonde French boy wrapped around my hand
I could lie in bed and be happy all day
Paris, you got me feeling this way
I must say

Around noon in Norway
The sun keeps its shine
24/7 access to the Northern lights
Incomparable to any place
The country side is my favorite chase
And ain’t no other Country for this
Much green on their space

I could lie in the green grass all day
Norway, you got me feeling this way
I must say

Sunsets in Bali
Dinner under the moon
Waterfalls keep rushing
While I’m tryin to catch my snooze
Find me in the tropical nation
Used up all my sun tan lotion
After all this, money I ain’t got
No hesitation

I could hang in this bungalow all day
Bali, you got me feeling this way
I must say

Mornings in Paris
La da da da
La da da da da
You got
You got
Me feeling this way

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