Caroline Manning

"Mornings In Paris"

[Verse 1]
Mornings in Paris
Sleeping till noon
Sippin' sweet mochas
I like these French tunes
Hummin' some Clair de lune (oh)
Heel click on cobbled streets
Views from this top suite
This place I adore
Eiffel Tower at four
USA girl in lover Land
Wishin' this was my homeland
Already got the blonde French boy wrapped around my hand
I could lie in bed and be happy all day
Paris, you got me feeling this way
I must say

[Verse 2]
Around noon in Norway
The sun keeps its shine
24/7 access to the Northern lights
Incomparable to any place
The countryside is my favorite chase
And ain’t no other country got this much green on their space
I could lie in the green grass all day
Norway, you got me feeling this way
I must say
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