Caroline Manning


[Verse 1]
I'll take that ripe banana
And charge my card for that cabana
Let's ride the low and high tides
Only gets better here at sea side
Sun shine and palm trees through these lens
You can always guarantee you'll have a good time
Only gets better here at seaside

Listen to the ocean
Let the rhythm sync up with the waves
Look beyond the surface
And by all means have a really great day

I'm livin' so alive
I'm in paradise
Cheers to these care free vibes

[Verse 2]
You know where to find me
Dancin' barefoot under coconut trees
Life is lookin' real nice
Only gets better here at seaside
The hard work pays off
Sittin' all day learnin' things is stressful
But now it's vacation mode
Pack up your bags and hit the road
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