Self-Destruct lyrics


Origami Angel

Promise me
Nothing that you said was a hyperbole
All the sh*t you said about loving me
Everyday for eighteen months
Just say it's true

I'm sorry
It's just another product of anxiety
Bringing me to moments where I can't sleep
I lie awake and think about the worst things possible

I know that I
Want to be
By your side
But it's so hard
When we're not
In the same
State of mind

Tear down the walls that you build up inside
Do you know what I'm about to tell you?

I miss all the days that we would spend
Eating candy, watching TV in the bed
Back when I was happy
I was cool, wasn't tortured
By this thing inside my head
I felt therе was purpose in my life
When I could bе who I wanted all the time
Now I sit in silence
Wishing that I could hear you say my name

Once more for the books, just one time
Being locked up in the back part of my mind
Maybe I wouldn't feel what I used to feel
When I'm staring deep in the ocean of your eyes
These days I'm afraid of everything
I'm afraid that everything may never change
So I lay down on the floor
And think about you and how you say my name

[Instrumental Break]

How you say my name!
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