Isopropyl Alchemy lyrics


Origami Angel

Motherf*ckin' Gami Gang

It's hard enough to act like
Everything is fine
Even when it's not
I guess I'll try
To give it all I got
But still it feels
Like I'm dying

And how long
Do you think it'll take
Before someone
Puts me into my place
And says
"You would be much better off
If you would just focus
On the things that make you happy
And being with your family and your friends
And all those people you love"?

But you know
That it's easier said than done
To me
Something that anyone
That's just way too much for me to control

I know, I know, I know, I know, I know
I let you down
But just wait
I'm gonna make it up to you
When you see how much I grow

Somewhere in the sky
Somеwhere in the ocеan
Somewhere we'll find
Somewhere to go

There's something that you need to know
Your body says it's way too cold
You can try but can't ignore the snow
I'll find you
Laying in your socks and shorts
And smokin' on the front porch
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