/trust lyrics


Origami Angel

Every time I'm on 495
Stuck in traffic, I remember
I'd do anything to be with you
Even just for an hour and change
When the drive is longer than the time we had
I still feel close to you
And if you know me
Like I know you
I guess you feel it too

Don't go so soon
I've still got things I need to say to you
Just stay here with me
I always feel so incomplete

And you know that you can't be happy If you're always
Setting yourself up to be hurt by people you don't even like
And you know that it's a long road
And everybody else is trying to go home
This Honda Odyssey is going too slow
So put your foot on the gas
Start hauling ass
Don't you know you're my f*ckin' best friend
And even though this world is such a dead end
I know we'll make it perfect while we still can
I know
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