"Who You"

Ah, ah, ah nuh fi everybody
She nuh run joke, yuh get seven or three
She have a round and mi nuh left eh army
Mi nuh left eh army
Uptop camp

Which pus*y feel dem bad
Like them drink a spoil eggnog
Double row clip, a extension
Press up eh Glock and wet eh pon dem
Next month yuh know a bwoy ah pay
Nuh mek mi buck yuh pon di cross way
Or pon di fery

Wi nuh care a who you, shot ah fly true you (Yeah, yeah)
Watch eh nineteen ah race out every ting a full unuh (Yeah)
Dawg dem a rottweiler, none a dеm nuh poodle (Yeah)
Dem badnеss soft up, dem a mussi noodle (Yeah)

When di gun dem jus ah knock, some man ah run and jus ah tap suh
Gun powder mix wid lasco, war get sweet, mi nah fi ask yuh
Siddung and ah watch, inna yuh car mi ah guh pluck yuh
Easy fi dead yuh life, nuh hard fi ketch like lotto
Thirty-two clip, ah guh full eh two chip
Head a bounce like when mi buck eh music
Rifle clip, long like seh it is a school trip
Inna head mi use it
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