"Demon Woman"

Where is the girl who put this spell on me
Her mystic eyes just kissed me and they won't let me free
Her book of potions is what I fear
She’s so dangerous when she's near

She's a demon woman
She’s good when she's bad
She's a demon woman

Where does the circle, where does it start, where does it end
I want to break inside but there is no way in
When will the corn be cut from the fields
When will the third eye see what she yields

She's a demon woman
She's good when she's bad
She's a demon woman

Hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey

Her flowing gown is shadowed by the moon
The thoughts of the sunset just fill the air
Ride on a moonbeam, fly through the sky
The golden thread of temptation is everywhere
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