Paul McCartney

"Miss My Chance"

I got this one guys

Disoriented by this girl who got me shook
From the moment that she stepped in through the door
Though from a distance I feel safe and sound to look
Don't wanna be a stranger to her anymore

So many options and ways to meet
I start to analyse the pros and cons of each
And when I’ve figured how to make my move
I've complicated it too far to follow through

'Cause I get paralysed
By all my thoughts
Instead of stepping forward
I just linger for too long
As I strategize
My perfect plan
But too much thinking
Makes me miss my chance

She sees me looking while I think of what to say
And knows I’ve kept her in the corner of my eye
(But) there I'm still standing with a blank look on my face
And got scenarios just running through my mind
My hesitation it makes her guess
I lack the confidence that sparks her interest
That when I introduce myself to her
She's not impressed at all by me I'm pretty sure

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