Ha ha they was not ready
They will never be ready

Ha ha ; are you ready kids
I don’t think these kids are ready yet




Double up

Cannot quite

I got bass

Cannot not sit


Double up on that work

All them dimounds yea they twerk

Hop in the mosh ; hop in the metalin

Back propane pro pedalin

Ice on me just with that vetalin

I cannot sit and an not vex

Answer and reply on my text

Y’all boys pull up y’all vexed

I got that strap with that glitzy that they nick named it Izzy I pull up with the work and get that busy

Uuhhh ,hop in the mosh

Ayyye uuuh ,hop in the mosh

Uhhh ayyy, hop in the mosh

Whipping a track , whip it like smosh

Uhhh ayyy hop in the mosh

Hop in , hop in the mosh

Hop in , hop in the mosh

And I whip for pit and the diamonds with that work , I might hit for the dance and I dip dip on that twerk, with tha base and it’s banging . With them 808s they slangin

Uhhh wait what’s that


Double up,in that pit

Double up , make em sit

In that mosh in that pit 3x

Make em up ,make em sit

I can’t go , I can’t quite

In that mosh , in that pit 4x

Make em sit

Go hard cannot quite I’m not a dog I cannot sit .im out the roof I just might bark. I might fly away tony stark

In that mosh mosh mosh

In that pit put pit

Going up cannot sit

I go .38s going up cannot quite


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