"Love at First Sight"

I can't go to sleep without you
Every night I dream about you
You know that I need you baby
I’m afraid to be without you
You done set me free and saved me
I just wanna be around you
You don't make me hate me
I'm so grateful that I finally found you

Everybody knows I’m still depressed
But girl you numb the pain
You fillin' my emptiness
The happiness I can't obtain
You're the only thing I need in this hellish masquerade
When I feel defeated and weak
You repair my damaged brain
Opposites attract
And you're something like an angel
I wish I could be like you I'm hateful

I'm used to deception and betrayal
I'm still getting used to you
My heart is full I’m thankful
You know I had issues but you never had an issue with it
You helped me through everything
It took a while
It’s been a minute
Love at first sight
Since your eyes met mine you been committed
Love at first sight
Since I saw your soul I been committed

Perfectly imperfect
You was sent to me from up above
It was so impossible
I thought I'd never fall in love
You’re so irreplaceable
You changed the person that I was
I could never pay you back
But I'll never lose your trust
With you by my side I know I'll never be alone again
With you by my side I know I'll never just explode again
I promise I’ll never put a rope around my throat again
I been working on myself
On all my thoughts you spoke against

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