Death by Snu Snu lyrics



[Verse 1]
You know how ill I be I'm not Bill Cosby
Please fix me a drink if you fix 'em like Cardi B
I rob the hookers, the hookers they rob me
I steal they hearts they charge me a fee
Anything goes stay on your toes in these streets
Money be the root to all evil for the beast
Even when you dead and gone you can't rest in peace Michael Jackson would've been left alone if he was a Catholic Priest
Shimmy shimmy yo, shimmy yay, shimmy yah - Ooh baby I like it Raw
Takе it to ya jaw
Take it to ya face
I be likе "f*ck the law" I got no time to waste
That girl with that drip she just might be burning
I got too much paper to count I be earning
Can't trust nobody, nobody to trust
Can not beam you up if you are not one of us

Off somewhere in a space coupe with a girl like you who face so beautiful
Makeup, hair, nails done down to the cuticle
Once I put the hard drive in it's non-removable
Paid 5000 for the shipment brand new tech female sex style new equipment
She so very life-like. I think I'll take her on a honeymoon cause she's my wife type
I never had a f*cking clue
I fell in love with a f*cking sex robot death by snu snu
[Verse 2]
Sit back relax girl get them panties waxed
Don't be telling me sh*t I ain't f*cking asked
This a lyrical hijack and in fact I be applying the pressure for the impact
I might crash land keep some cash in my hand
Keep a can 'less they come around blasting again
Need a survivor pack dead on arrival
'Nother black in the street preacher praying with The Bible
This world is outta ham my space ship I gotta land
I jumped out the rocket and I shot a man
It's hard to comprehend things you don't understand
I'm out of this world but I'm not a alien
Your love's artificial but I thought I outta kiss you
(bing bing bing! In robot that means I miss you!)
When you start to short circuit I break out the lube and then we work it
I know our love ain't perfect
Everybody know you got that computer love
Can't touch the iPad no more, too many bugs
And I don't need no computer virus
All I got is my sex doll and my iris
My sex doll can transform into any nationality, race or female body form
Tonight I think I'm going Germany but I haven't programmed my sex doll yet so that's undetermined
My wife say it's kinda weird
I started a rap group with my sex doll now she got a rap career
Tell me what's happening here
What would you do?
Every night Death by Snu Snu
They say I got a problem join sex bot anonymous but I don't see what the problem is, we monogamous
They hauled me off the court for abusing cyborgs
But they advertise the sh*t as Adult Size Toys
So when the fugitives won't be taken as a joke, kid
And you remember this from the words I've spoken
Be careful when your stroking and poking
They don't take used sex dolls back broken
Uh-Why I wanna return it? Oh um the-it's slightly used
It's the-the mouth, The mouth part is a little broke on it
And this..the..the back part on it right here's ripping right here
And I just wanna return it and get a new one
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