A 6iccness lyrics



Yo, [I wanna?] keep it real, [?]
(I only wanna love you)

I only wanna love you, no I don't hate you
I don't know why I act the way I do
Been chasin' this paper too long
It's a sickness, I need some help
Take my anger out on everyone
You wouldn't like me when I'm angry
The monster maker, the undertaker
I only wanna do what's right
But it be callin' me at night
I gotta walk the streets 'cause I'm thirsty
Searchin' for me, don't know why
I got this hunger in my stomach, and it's like I die
It's the sickness flowin' through my veins
May be something wrong with my brains
'Cause I only wanna love
But I destroy
I'm destructive
I gotta do some constructive criticism
Maybe it's all the socialism
Am I anti-everything?
I don't know
Yeah, Secret Society Circus
Got me nervous
Am I sayin' too much? Uh
Yo, only wanna tell you
I only wanna tell you
I only wanna tell you the Hell I been through
Don't, don't get in this game, don't do it, no
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