Lil 2z


[Intro: Lil 2z]
Say, say
Hol' on, hol' on
Ain't that
Ain't that what's his name right there?
Heyyy, yah
Aye come here lil mona
This what I want you to do
Hol' on
Know w-saying

[Verse: Lil 2z]
I've seen his ass at the club, told the stripper, give him a dance
Get that n*gga in his arm, bring me that wallet out his pants
Now I got his ass undressing, I think it's stay in his hand
He ain't even gon' know what hit him, this n*gga don't stand a chance
n*ggas see me doing good, they tryna knock me off and sh*t
b*tches see me doing good, they tryna top me off and sh*t
Can't even have your own style, I think you copy all the sh*t
Don't you got a like to tend to? get your mouth out off my di*k!
n*ggas do a lil' time, they get out and think they real
Ain't no put me on co-signed, b*tch I don't need a deal
Boy you signed to thirty racks and tryna move to Beverly Hills
I can't wait 'til I get up, to smoke a blunt with doctor Phill
If the police come around, act like a Pint and keep it sealed
You got a clique full of junkies, come on n*gga, be for real
He can't even hit a lick without popping that f*cking pill
And put your daddy gun back up before you f*ck around and get killed
He rather reup on that dope than go and feed his f*ckin' kids
I ain't sugar coating sh*t, b*tch imma tell you how it is
And that sh*t don't make you real, my n*gga, that sh*t make you a b*tch
It's okay to be yourself, everybody can't move bricks
n*ggas stuck at high school, they still selling grams and sh*t
You ain't doing sh*t with your life, cause you ain't ever planning sh*t
n*ggas really trapping stupid, now they in the jamming sh*t
And all this sh*t was the mud, did no body hand me sh*t
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