Undead Slayer

"Drako vs undead_slayer rap battle 2"

Undead slayer
[verse 1]
Parents don’t love you
Probably got abandonment issues
Boo hoo faggot, someone get him a tissue
Chillin in my f*cking porch, wearing my white tee
Pimped out Cadillac, I know that you don’t like me
Don’t run up on my street
Cause my dog wants a nice bite of some meat
You’re just a little faggot, running with some snitches
I’ve had feelings for my girl, something you never feel with those b*tches
That’s what I have to say, I won’t repeat
Stomp you in the toilet with both feet
Don’t laugh at me
Or I’ll start acting
Crazy, I was about to sh*t on your lawn actually
Ever witness a real b*tch on a rampage?
I’ll be rippin' it and killin' all damn day
Cause all your “fans” can see
That this f*cker is the bee’s knee
b*tch, please
You know my sh*t shines out like a flare
Blindin' you through thin air
I don’t even dare
To try and care
As they all stand and stare
I can see you’re scared
You’re trapped in my snare
I won’t stop to spare
I can see your dispair

[verse 2]
I’m coming out the four-door
Carryin' my .44
1 shot, 2 shot, here come 4 more
Better duck, callin' war on my enemies
I was born from these amphetamines
You don’t want me to grab my shotty
Killin' you in that hotel lobby
Dissin' faggots, just another hobby
Diggin' a hole where I’ll dump your body
You just a little b*tch, facing a real sickness
Not scared of death, you better witness
I give none, no forgiveness
Better watch out faggot, your on my hit lis

[verse 1]
Man f*ck your shots
Dam what i just say
Didn't u listen to me
Lil b*tch
How u calling fag
Sounding like a broken record
f*ck wannabe Eminem
U couldn't be that
Man f*ck u
Your just the new kid on the block
Bout to get smacked back to the boom docks
Man who u calling a fag
b*tch u wack
Go pack your f*cking bag
b*tch i'm smoking Boof pack
My pack after u
U want beef
Come on
Looking like a leaf
U should leave like one
Talking about meat
b*tch u ant got no meat to beat
So how can u get a girl
Oh wait
Yeah that;s right
Your the b*tch in the relation ship
U better move b*tch
Run forest run
f*cking retard
b*tch u be watching Dora
Man f*ck the hood
U ant got a snake
Got a hole down there
The only snake u get is going in
Man f*ck your 2 year old sh*t
Man f*ck a wanna be Eminem
f*ck the free world
f*ck the 8 mile
b*tch i walk the 13 mile
Man go f*ck ur dog
b*tch u a pedafille
Your future ca is a white van
Yet u can't afford to wear vans
Living in a tin can
Yeah u crying like a b*tch,b*tch
Cuz the viper struck your ass
b*tch go pay your piper
Cuz then maybe the'll go to your funeral
If there's anything left of u Aiden
Your a f*cking maiden
Looking like a raisen
Man f*ck u
U can't rap worth a sh*t
Main u just wasting my time
f*cking mumble rapper
I'm doping the mic
Once again tell mamma
I'll be back o get it latter
Cuz we all know were the f*ck i put it

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