The Outlaws (Southern Rock Band)

"Dixie Highway"

[Verse 1]
There’s a road that runs before me
It’s twisted and it turns
Miles of open highway
Bridges that we burned
Rowdy reputations
Learning lessons of the heart
A recent revelation
Found a place to start

Dixie highway
Can you hear me?
Sometimes we ride alone
Dixie highway
Can you steer me?
Oh I’m on my way back home
I’m out here on my own
On Dixie highway

[Verse 2]
The lines, they are relentless
Evеry bozo’s got a pitch
Of how it’s gonna change your life
And how to make you rich
Thе road is unforgiving
But we’re on it till the end
‘Cause we believe that our salvation
Is just around the bend
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