"The Darkest Cave"

The darkest cave and we're 'bout rot in here
Summer coming,summertime ain't felt in the air
What if we are not the chosens
Prolly cause we're feeling broken,they just signed the deal
My soul ain't on the sale,casue I fear
Fear the god,so that's why I'm poppin' pills
Can you see us? prolly tryna get away and stay clean
Yea,I need a meal,for my momma and my brother
But I'm stuck,it's real
God can see us from the far,I don't pray,I just be,I'm-
Better than this f*ckers,surely cause I deal
Deal with my problems and my hands are clear
I ain't snitching on nobody,ain't geekin' on nobody
Ain't jealous on nobodys ideas,can you feel?
What I'm sayin' is just me,I ain't be on
On other fake f*ck sh*t,know that I am near
And I know,how you're doin',how you feel

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