Lies you tell

Piece of worth, I know
(know) (know) (know)
You (You)
I got to let you go
(let you go) (let you go) (let you go)
You (You)

[Verse 1]
They say if you need, gotta let her know
(let her know) (let her know) (let her know)
Oh ya, hu (hu)
We get litty, we popping bottles all night long (all night long)
Popping ceilings, you know that it got you going (got you going)
And you like it (you)
I been saying it's a bad thing
And she on the wrong thing
Pretty, but she is a bad thing
Hit it from the back when I'm driving

[Verse 2]
Thighs in
And she loving me before the night ends
It's too much for my right hand (Ya, oh)
Stars in the bus brakes
Then he loved it from love
And it's just like that
I ain't see that today for you
But they never around
(why, why you?)
And I was down, on my face
Ain't no love in my face
My heart aches (You)
Full of hate
People snakes
n*ggas fake
That's why I just keep awake (awake)

Piece of worth, I know
(know) (know) (know)
I got to let you go
(let you go) (let you go) (let you go)
(You) (You) (You) (You)

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