Genius Polska Tłumaczenia

"Bukiet Białych Róż (SQUADsh*t #13) /"

I'm gonna tell you a story about a guy from Bydgoszcz
Where every other homie is wired and is on trial
He liked to party and smoke
And was seemingly happy
He didn't make much problems
But when there was a problem he was ready
To bash skulls and break bottles
He'd do everything to save his close ones
Once he broke his arm on a junkie's head
He did whatever he had to, motherf*ckers
Noone could f*ck with him
But he wasn't a gangster
And hе wasn't an athlete
Rather a paratroopеr because he'd fly when he had to

I had blood in my room
That's because I want peace
But when motherf*ckers talk sh*t
Well then, forgive me God
But back to him, he was loyal to homies
He'd keep his mouth shut even when he could loose his teeth
Two ones, he always had someone to count on
He had his gang, his close ones who were like family to him
Maybe they weren't the biggest but they had heart on the right place
2115 is loyalty and brotherhood
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