4bidden Memory lyrics



Six feet down till your flesh is mycelium
The demand for my brand stands higher than helium
Bred a germ just so i could sell the medicine healin’ em
I’m the sickest motherf*cker born before the millennium

All the things i want
You better bet that i’m stealin’ em
See the future when i’m flippin’ over cards & revealin’ em
I don’t hang out with ur crew because i’m not rly feelin’ em
& if ur lookin for the cubes you know i’m wheelin & dealin em dude

Can you feel it?
You’re in deep sh*t!
Drowning cesspit
And if you climb out
It’ll suck you back in
Let it feed you
I’ll succeed you
Cuz i need to hustle daily just to keep my eyes open

La palabra inglés de “ventana” es “window”
El pato de goma es muy súper lindo
Estoy comiendo una hamburguesa
Ay! mis llaves están sobre la mesa?

Yo no voy la escuela o puta trabajó
Prefiero explotar en un sangre vaho
No me importa lo que diga mi mamá
Gano más dinero que BARACK OBAMA
I got the mandate of heaven, my soul is 11
I’m sharp enough to split a grown man into 7
I’m Pom Pom Purin
I’ll get that pus*y purrin’
The doctor found DMT in my urine

I’m playing Hasee Bounce on ur mom’s computer
I’m lifting up her tail like a razor scooter
You can have her back, i already do’ed her
Played her out like a first person shooter
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