Mark Lanegan

"The Mirror (Feat. Mark Lanegan)"

It was on the 13th revolution of Blueberry Hill
That I'd decided the needle had had enough

I pulled myself from the rocker
Looking like a dangled tangerine peel
Held by invisible fingers

Yanking a knife from the lifeless flesh lump by my feet
I replaced the stylus

It suddenly felt important not to overthink things

As I gripped out for a hoop of key like figures with my spare hand

They glowed upon a carbon peg on the wall
Bent awfully by overuse

Picked and replaced

Slowly I made my way
Convincing head and heart to remain calm
Towards something resembling a lock drawn on the mirror
In a substance bordering on obscene

I had that feeling in my stomach again
Akin to what a spent despot must go through
Down in his bunker
Waiting for a military coup
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