Kasher Quon


Kasher Quon
Let’s go

I’m lookin’ for the weed right now ‘cause I need to smoke
This b*tch just texted a n*gga phone and said she need to smoke
I just K-rolled a n*gga juice with some soap
I was finna f*ck that lil’ hoe, but I saw a roach
I just saw a bum ass b*tch wearin’ Coach
And I saw a white ass fiend sniff coke
I gotta be up at 2 before the check bounce
And I punched a room last night, I’m finna check out
Doin’ 160 in the Scat’, ‘bout to wreck out
I’m mad as hell right now ‘cause my site got shut down
Chillin’ wit’ your b*tch last night, I smacked down
Beat a n*gga ass and knock him out like SmackDown
I just wasted $2,000 on a reptile
Drinkin’ all that green, you gon’ turn into a reptile
I’m tryna turn on my VPN with my laptop
Bust my cousin ass playin’ Call of Duty: Black Ops
On the PS4
My lil’ brother just graduated, bought him a PS4
This n*gga keep askin’ where his b*tch, I don’t know
I been f*cked that b*tch, then I passed her to lil’ bro
I heard you f*cked up in the crib eatin’ Sloppy Joe
I’m in the studio right now talkin’ choppy as hell
I don’t wanna f*ck that lil’ hoe ‘cause she sloppy as hell
Why I just catch one of my opps workin’ at Taco Bell?
f*ck it, I’ma gun him down
I’m ridin’ with a chop right now, it got 100 rounds
I’m ridin’ in a car right now with 100 pounds
Drinkin’ all this Lean, I done gained 50 lbs
That sh*t made me fat
I just scammed a n*gga for his money and he can’t get it back
I just f*cked a b*tch last night and bought her some Tic Tacs
And I told the n*gga it was a Perc, it was a Tic Tac (Damn)
That n*gga dumb as hell
I just f*cked a b*tch yesterday, she was cute as hell
I just scammed a n*gga yesterday, he was dumb as hell
This some fire cookie, b*tch, I’m smokin’ on Larry Bird
I get a check from DistroKid on the 3rd
I had to break up with my b*tch, she was gettin’ on my nerves
I’m finna go and pick this b*tch up, she gettin’ off of work
Soon as I leave the studio, I’m gettin’ off a Perc
f*ck that b*tch, then block her number, now her feelings hurt
I just took a loss on 20k, now my feelings hurt (Damn)
Now I’m mad as hell
I don’t wanna listen to your music ‘cause it’s ass as hell
I’m sippin’ on a 3 right now, I’m movin’ like a snail
I’m finna sign a deal, then I’m movin’ out the hood (Go)

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