Modd (TR)

"Toxic Traphouse (English Translation)"

No gun yes drugs
Cuz here traphouse

[Modd Verse]
Break your head here is my trap
No fake yes facts f*ck lies
Bless yo Draco ill shoot your house
No ticket to here lets walk run

Im sayin always but you dont get it
Let me f*ck bosslig
All of them are like sh*t im not sayin liye
I dont licked what i split i split ocb

My house is trapp,all black why are u mad ?
Pull the trigger,flashback Pulp Fiction
No formality follow me u my demon
If u dont die here you will get over every sh*t

Like no start no finish bro
Im livin f*ckin my libido is always high
Drawin line takin you know me
f*ck off are u lookin for trouble ?

No gun yes drugs
Cuz here traphouse
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