Pooh Shiesty

"How We Do It"

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
I freeze the same b*tch, I'm a glacier
Work the night, Pooh work the day shift
On South Beach, I'm in my spaceship
And I got more jewelry than Jacob
Haters sick, they doin' clap moves
Might as well just call the jake up
In their feelings, not their bag
Just like a b*tch, they need some make-up (Woah)
Like a ho after a break-up, head chopped on him, got a tape up
I'm so picky, on my Vicky, shoot your funeral and wake up
Watch who you be screamin', "Free"
Sometimes their paperwork don't match up
I'm a hustler and a robber, pray my crew never gеt captured
Ball like the Toronto Raptors, major playеr, indie label
Smokin' flavor, Garcia Vega, opps, yeah, that's my favorite flavor (Well damn)
Yeah, my daddy named me Gucci, but my mama named me Radric (Mom)
But I named my crew So Icy, then I put that on my bracelet (It's Gucci)

[Chorus: Roboy & Pooh Shiesty]
And there ain't no playin' games
n*gga, knowin' that we step
I can't change on my gang
These n*ggas know just what I rap
You know how we do it, n*gga
You know I ain't cool with n*ggas
You slidin', then prove it, n*gga
No hidin', we shoot at n*ggas
Load the clip, I'm tryna shoot us a movie
Turn the swimmin' pool into a jacuzzi
Signed to Gucci, now I'm dodgin' the groupies
So official, n*ggas know how we do it
Know how we movin'
Had to bust down my necklace
Top tier, b*tches know that I'm special
First n*gga out the hood with a deal (Ayy, ayy)
So I know I gotta keep me a weapon (Ayy, ayy)
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