Pooh Shiesty

"Free Hank"

[Intro: Enchanting]
Yeah, uh
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Enchanting & Pooh Shiesty]
Trappin' ain't dead, these n*ggas just scared (Yeah)
They turn, they run to the feds (God)
She say, "Open your eyes", I'm like, lil' b*tch, I'm high
Can't you tell that I'm full of them meds? (On God)
We are down on the scoreboard, you gotta forfeit
All of yo' n*ggas is dead
Come get your ho back, that pus*y throwback
Blow me up, hit me, I leave 'em on read (Blaow)
I'll f*ck on your b*tch, I don't lay up
I'm rollin' on X just to stay up (Ayy)
Skinny b*tch, but you see that my weight up
Tryna f*ck you right now, I won't wait up (On God)
b*tch, I'm blowed, I been runnin' that cake up (Uh-huh)
Might speak it to 'em, I don't say much
b*tch, I'm MVP still, I don't play much
Titties on the Glock, thesе are no A-cups (Uh-huh), woah
They know ain't no ho in my blood
My dad ain't yo' uncle, so I ain't yo' cuz
Ayy, you know thе old me, so don't approach me
n*gga, this ain't what it was
They mad that I done run my sack up
Racks up, earned it, this sh*t out the mud
Cross me and I gotta get payback
No you can't pay that, I want it in blood (On God)
Free Hank 'til my brother come home
My fellas stay grippin' that chrome, uh
b*tches sellin' their cat, I sell songs
Done ran up that sack on my phone
I cannot make this sh*t up
Boy, yo' ass limp, can't get up
Do this sh*t for my mama, can't give up
n*ggas fake, crop their ass out the picture (Ayy, ayy)
I be full of that juice like a pitcher (Uh)
You a opp now, it ain't nothin with ya (Nuh-uh, ayy)
Yeah, it's all from the gang so we get up (Look)
Ain't no competition, so just give up
Yo' lil' girlfriend go down and she eat up
Bad lil' b*tch with a magazine, no pages (Yeah, yeah)
You lil' n*ggas be broke, makin' no wages
b*tch, go talk to God if you need savin' (Ayy, big brr)
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