Pooh Shiesty


[Intro: Foogiano]
(Riot) Ho
Diamonds dancin' like Mike (Ice), n*gga
f*ck you talkin' 'bout? Glacier boy
So Icy, n*gga
(SpiffoMadeIt) Ho, ho

[Chorus: Pooh Shiesty]
It's scary (What?), it's frightening (Why?)
Diamonds on me dance, just hit like lightning (Ice, ice, ice, ice, ice)
Pulled up on your b*tch, she got excited (Huh? Huh?)
Your pockets skinny, boy, they on a diet (Broke)
It's the new 1017, he try us, it's a riot (What?)
All these n*ggas hatin' (Why?), what the f*ck the issue?
Yeah, we got them magazines, no issue, we got sticks, fool (Boom, boom, boom, boom)
And that choppa spin, that .223 make you do dance moves
Brrt gang, ho n*gga (Ayy, ayy)

[Verse 1: Pooh Shiesty]
These 1017 chains around my neck, just got thе fine
My new choppa came with a sword, this b*tch lookеd just like Jason Knight
Foog just told me, "Do 'em dead wrong," I told him he was right
We caught an opp and put their layers on, shottys aired through the sight (Brrt, brrt)

[Verse 2: Foogiano]
Ho, it's scary, it's frightening (Diamonds)
Diamonds on me hittin' like Mike Tyson (Ice), they bitin'
You try to pull, I'ma kill you 'cause that righteous, no fightin'
I called your b*tch, she said, "Foog, I ain't gon' fight you, come pipe me" (Damn)
This Draco up in the backpack like we campin' (Camp), no hikin'
In the field, no spikin' (Brrt)
In the street, play for keep, they done labeled us as the Vikings
b*tches talk when we f*ck, she be lookin' back like, "You like it?" (She know I like)
I call the slime 'fore I see it, I really think I'm a psychic (Just like a psychic)
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