Pooh Shiesty


[Intro: Gucci Mane]
Guwop, brr, brr
Once again I'm locked in with TP, we finna make a hit (Go)

[Verse 1: Gucci Mane]
Walker Homes, Herndon Homes, hell, you can be from Bowen Homes
If you ain't bustin' fire, holmes, I'm tradin' yo' ass like Jerry Jones
Gone on and run along, run by myself, I come alone
Drop my nuts, I'll use my own, you borrow nuts, you took a loan
I'll be playin' naive but I know 'xactly what's goin' on
Chopsticks like I'm Chinese, I might dynamite a hater home
Judge lookin' down on me like he a king sittin' on the throne
Murder charge, I beat the case then beat my chest, I'm King Kong
Lavish home, gettin' super dome, head knocked me out like Larry Holmes
Money long, don't saw the barrel off, I like the barrel long
Gucci gone, you rats ain't really have no one to tattle on
Try me, n*gga, Memphis killa, snake your watch and ride along
Pest control, we killin' rodents, that's what Gucci really on
Coronavirus got me itchin', clutchin', all these masks is on
n*ggas think it's cool to be broke, that sh*t ain't in fashion, holmes
Ain't no hit and run, you can't insure it, I see you, we crashin', holmes

[Verse 2: BIG30]
I'm from Mill Branch, but I got killers out of Cleaborn Homes
Play pus*y, one to the dome, now you gotta create a stone
By myself with a few bales, ain't no stoppin' for jakes or law
Hood hero servin' cold, how he make it with eighty boulders?
My lil' brother, think he pop? Smooth dude and he keep the Glock
In the field with gloves on, swingin' steel, we play for the Sox
High-speed chase, we duckin' cops, I just got off on 70 North
Choppa Gang, So Icy Gang, me and Shiesty got matchin' watches
He a rat, I'll draw some cheese, try to eat, put his ass to sleep
No Draco, big .223, roll up and smoke his ass like weed
My n*ggas, they CGE, he ain't gang, he ain't sh*t to me
Two-hundred shots up in his SUV, shots out the AUG
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