Sean Price


Yo I hijack ya sh*t kid
Smack sh*t out of ya b*tch
And smash your CDJ's
But wait
Its only raps and I’m joking
Fact is I’m dope and yo
It’s all the wax I been smokin’
Y’all can nap in the ocean
Or go sleep with the fish
I like a creepa reefa cheeba
And some sneakers that’s crisp
And its
No issue if you ain’t
Feelin’ my sh*t
It’s not the tight jean
Hyped teen
Seasonal spits
Ya freestyles isn’t sh*t
It’s never off the brain
And man the only time you ever
Told you off the chain
Is when your ass got robbed
Down some poxy lane
But yo you still walkin’
Still talkin’ John McClain
Pause the frame
f*ck its 4:20 A.M
Nine to five callin’
Four bags blazed to the stem
Sean Price Stone Bench
Tell a neighbour or friend
f*ck around end underground
Cos we some dangerous men

[Sean Price]
Hold the gun sideways
I ain’t aimin’ it right fam
I watch many movies sue me
Blamin’ the white man
Look in the sky
Jesse Jackson ain’t get shot
Because he took off his tie
Martin said
Jesse why you ain’t wearing a tie
Next thing a funeral
You see a tear in my eye
Now back to the dumb sh*t
1+1 is 3
And P armed with a gun b*tch
More misadventures
Of Sean spitting it raw
Pa missin’ dentures
The fist dent ya grill
Assault charge
But really my intent was kill
My sh*t milk baby enfamil
My sh*ts filth crazy piff and pills
Nowadays who’s rappin’ like this
Name someone other than P
I put a cap in the b*tch

We back in this b*tch
With the rappin’ that's sick
n*gga catch ya talking sh*t
We put the crack in ya lip
We ravenous kid
Smoke a blunt
Taxin’ ya spliff
sh*t thinking that ya quick
We put the brakes on ya whip
Like I brought out the switch
Y'all n*gga undeveloped
Premature when he spit
We raw in this b*tch
f*ck a critic
Talk what we think
Kondanani on the brink
sh*t I’m done being Nick
Stone cold like the brick
Straight turned into man
f*ck with my clan
Man’s catch the back of the hand
We animals fam
In the jungle cannibals man
Rap where we stand
Pass the mic cannabis plant
Ain’t broke don’t fix
Why you f*ck with the plan
Hit the street shake it up
Spitting paint in a can
Stand with the damned
Causing sh*t
Like Shaka the man
Talk about mistreated
‘Til we back in the sand

Stone Bench
Sean P


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