Skylines III lyrics



To The Top, Liv’in Life At A Fast Pace. One Night And I’m Gone With No Trace. My Lifestyle And It Comes With High Stakes, It’s No Brakes, To The Nex And With No Wait. Got The Fight, Hit’in No Brakes Lights. MIA, Highest Floor, These Late Nites. It’s All Grind, Sipp’in These Grape Vines. I’m In The City Now, You Can Call It Skylines. Life And Def Till I Die And It’s Worldwide. On The Right Side, Turn’d Up, Amplified. Emirates All The Way To Zimbabwe. Officially And It’s On, A New Day. Hemispheres And We Throw It Into High Gear, Looking Back One Eighty Nine, Three Years. And We Never Slow It Down, Toronto’s Sound. Adrenaline, Hella Bad, I’m Eastbound. Dedicated To The Fighters. Life And Def, Miami
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