Defy lyrics



Yea, Can’t Defeat, I’m Still Up On My Two Feet. From The Street, Two Things, Lyrics , Soul Beats. Another Day Turn To Nite, With The Jazzy Flo. TO And MIA They Already Know. I Can Rep These Authentic Always Followed Me. Life And Def, Official This Is Hard To Beat. Technically, Just A Fighter In My Blood Stream. With The Hat Low, Shine Like A High Beam. New York City All The Way To Dubai, We Fly. Good To Have These Vibes Finally On My Side. Take This To A Place Nobody Knows. Bacardi & Rum This Old School Flow. On The Interstate Navigate The Next Thought. In The Court, No Way, Can’t Let This Ball Drop. Cause We Had Visions Straight To The Top And Y’know. Noth’in But Love, For This Hip Hop. Dedicated To The Fighters. Life And Def, Miami
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