Backdoor lyrics



When I signed that sh*t with Cap
We was out West tryna count that backend
We got guap, don't call me top shotta, Don Dada, n*gga jacking
He can talk about all them [?] inside them rounds I know it's all cap
Seven-seven, six-two's went through his back and crack the [?]

When that TEC spit, grr-grr-grr, another opp dead
Tryna find myself, I lost it all when they killed my best friend
We don't shoot out windows, get up close and aim for all heads
Consequences, what he had to face, them killers creeping
John Madden, blitzing n*ggas block until they take me out
I put my angels over [?] these demons, that's [?] me now
I heard this opp b*tch on my, uh, that's a opp b*tch off the list
They claim they got the lo' on me and folks will come [?]
This FN leave a n*gga lost until his body found
All my killers heard 'bout that lil' diss, bet he can't drop it now
She ain't gon' f*ck at first, these VVS made her f*ck me now
All that big blocka sh*t why Lo couldn't get up when he fell and drowned
You [?], let them shots like we ain't Glizzy down
All that secret smoke, come to the light, we still ain't claiming [?]
Some my homies dead, no Uzi Vert, that's why I keep the stick
It's thursday, hot as f*ck then friday night we blowing out the whip
Turn the opps to fans, for mention Maji we got these n*ggas sick
I let the Draco off, still ain't nothing, left three people hit
Riding round some foreigns, it ain't stolen, worth a couple bricks
Cops say, "How you getting [?] so fast?", we turn up the strip
See, if it's for my mans and [?] ain't right, we ain't refunding sh*t
Get it back in blood and feel them slugs, [?]
Gun in hand, walk 'em down, no NLE, we chopping quick
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