Iont Eem Kir Nomore lyrics



Uh, uh, uh, we pull up and we send hot sh*t n*gga
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Uh, Livvy in this b*tch, uh, yeah yeah
We pull up and we send hot sh*t
Got on my J on me

[Verse 1]
We ain't out here actin', I don't clique with rappers
Boy you ain't no factor, check the stats, we snappin'
You ain't really havin', your cash don't match your fashion
We asked they said you cappin' about most that sh*t you flashin'
We run off drama, drugs, and murder, I see 1-2 then I skate
See I can't say too much, I heard the opps been locked in with the jakes
Your shooters hard to trust, how you sell out your cody on that case?
Remember sh*t was ruff, now we take charter flights to different states
Your rapper homie died, he just dropped back to back, now he on mute
We know you broke and flexin' ton of lies, the hoes boy, who you shoot?
I heard they put that tester on your diamond chain, that sh*t was flukey
The opps too sh*t for clout, told Benji "I can't lie, think they influenced"
Why you claim that shootin', we know you ain't do it
Too bad our lil hoes gon' pass that lo boy, don't be stupid
We f*ck n*ggas hoes then pass them back, I told her' I ain't Cupid"
I talk my sh*t a lot, 'cause I know none them blocks gon' ever do sh*t
Free all my shooters that did what they did, can't lie they made it happen
Bro took his kufi off, and spent they block after he got done fastin'
I gotta pop my sh*t, they dissin' Snipe, like Baz ain't in a casket
This sh*t is a habit, ask Lil Ky we really active
Most 'em ain't no factors, we treat lames like target practice
Like target practice, go, go, go, pull up and we send hot sh*t
I can't stress 'bout no b*tch that ain't mine
b*tch I feel like the Pope, I'm callin' hits from OT, ask the guys
They had the lo before, and still ain't come do sh*t, them lyrics lies
He dissin' Maj like Roddy ain't die in that party with no 5

Your homie shakin' with no 5, dummy
Bringin' my pipe in

[Verse 2]
She been shakin' ass for too long, think she want my pipe then
She gave that addy up, call lil bro like "You ready? start that car engine"
Wanna join a gang? Slide on the 9, make sure you hit the right n*gga
Thought she was my favorite fan, whole time she got an OnlyFans
f*ck feelings, I'ma break her heart if she don't f*ck me and my mans
Dare a n*gga play me, he dyin' soon as we log off the 'gram
We might have to highspeed on the way back if they see this van
Takin' trips OT, we juggin' Baz, that tie for 23
We don't smoke on Quilly he don't hit no more, it's Lo for me
We ain't tryna chit-chat, lil bro want some get back
I know you got your gun took, don't diss me, get your blick back
Lil Shiesty ran and fell, lil n*gga still ain't get they lick back
Every time a body drop, they claim it's us, we never did that
I put ranji's in my sprite, I prolly won't make it through the night
It's too much opps that lost they life, that thought it wasn't gonna be on site
That diss he dropped was cute, but if we come is you gon' shoot?
Its bodies back to back roster go down one when we come through
That switch f*cked up his frame and turned lil opp n*gga into two
Your homie lost his life, protecting you and what you do

So what you do for him, you ain't do sh*t, ain't do nothin'
Pull up and we send hot sh*t
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