Duress lyrics



[Verse 1]
There was a time where I would change to cut off my ties
Let out the things that stayed in my mind
I can't keep it in the state of my life
To say I was present
The day I was mentioned
The time I was kept in
The box I was left in
I can't even think
What does it say?
I can't remember, 'cause you weren't there
To keep me from passing away is a thing I would change
And I can't retain it, the thoughts that are tained
I can't explain when I'm lost and afraid and
You took my soul and you lеft me outdated

[Verse 2]
You left mе in distress and every time I f*cking stretch
I think of all the times we met
It's time to get some f*cking rest
To take my mind off all the tests
The shouts of Satan's hell duress
I'm citing chants to save my head from all your bullsh*t, I digress
And now I'm laying on the ground
A cry for help that makes no sound
My body lies like rotten flesh that has been eaten by your frown
And you can't see your sacrifice, b*tch, I will stab you with a knife
Please try to come and f*cking play me, I will end your f*cking life
And you want my f*cking patience
When I give it, you detain it
I've been trying to give you basics
But you go and f*cking waste it
I am tired of your fragrance
You embrace me with your cadence
Then you go and take my day and f*cking paint it with disgrace and
You will cry a river 'bout it
You will lie about your problems
All your friends keep f*cking texting when you tell them I'm the problem
I am done with all your nonsense
I am tired of your conflicts
I will not take any comments
I remain all by myself
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