[Verse 1]
Laying down taking pictures at your hotel
It's moments like this I don't know a thing about myself
Take another one, it's cute so I keep it
You take my phone and laugh, tell me to delete it
It haunts me that we had to end like this
I felt my tears on your lips when we kissed
It's salty-sweet like memories
My mistake for not keeping you close to me
I'll take a chance again, I don't know what to say
I talk to you but can't help but see her face

I can't fight for something that you don't want
This would've happened either way
It would'vе happened eithеr way
It would've happened either way

[Verse 2]
Whatever I said I meant it
I'll be here for you every single day
I'll make my whole world about you
Look me in the eyes and throw it all away
You only love me 'cause you're bored, you don't mean it
It's so sad for me to say
I hate how you can love me for an evening
But you can't love me enough to stay
I (?) myself from his feeling
It's my fault for my heartbreak
I think about you all of the time, but this would've happened
This would've happened
This would've happened either way
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