c*cky (Feat. Quashaun) lyrics



b*tch 4x

Verse 1: (Jae Banks
b*tches Don’t Know Me Im c*cky!
You know these b*tches Can’t Stop Me!
Let’s Make A video, POPPY?(Papi)
You Really Think You Top ME!
I’ll Take Your n*gga He Want ME!
Do you Think HE can Afford ME?
n*gga’s Be CUTE but they BORING!
n*gga’s BE CUTE but they BORING!
He Want to Know Why I’m c*cky?
He Want to Stand Right Behind Me!
He Said He Like When Im Naughty!
All of the n*gga’s They Love me
b*tches Be mad They Want Me
n*gga’s BE Mad that They Not Me
Nobody rockin Like BANKS
How bout You b*tches Get Off ME
n*gga’s Be All In They Feelings
b*tches Be Mad But I feel em
b*tches Talk sh*t ion hear em
n*gga’s Be Mad Ion Fear Him
I Got That Guap, Banks
n*gga’s They Steal From Me
I don’t need you, Nah
I don’t need you, Nah
This Is My Song, c*ckY
Who on The Track, FONTY
What Do you Want From ME?
Bump My New Track, c*ckY

(Talking) Jae Banks
Like You b*tches Playing With The Prince Nsh*t

Verse 2: (Quashaun)
Quashaun in this b*tch
Pretty , c*cky , all of that sh*t
Jae be making all of them hits
Got the queen featured on this
Shoot my shot , never gone miss
b*tches mad , they ballin they fist
All this ass , you can come kiss
Magna Carta , top of they list
Wrist so cold I’m playing hockey
Who want smoke? no lil yatchy
You my son, go sit and potty
If it’s beef , then come and find me
Hiding from the paparazzi
Layin in my new Ferrari
Blasting all that f*cking gotti
I can do that cause I’m c*cky
I really be playing these hoes
Man what the f*ck , We be slaying these hoes
Jae get the whip , we be slaying these hoes
Gucci slides . With the white on my toes
Get in that bag
Man We getting this bag
We get this money
While you getting mad
Step to quashaun
You might get dragged
Messy hoes ...
I don’t f*ck with them fags
c*cky , c*cky , c*cky and you still can’t top me n*gga


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