"I turned a bad copypasta into a good rap"

Okay, I know this is a really bad idea but
I'm already here so
Here we f*ckin’ go

[Verse 1]
X3 nuzzles, pounces on you, uwu you so warm (Ooh)
Couldn't help but notice your bulge from across the floor
Nuzzles your necky wecky-tilde murr-tilde, hehe
Unzips your baggy ass pants, oof baby you so musky
Take me home, pet me, and make me yours and don't forget to stuff me
See me wag my widdle baby tail all for your buldgy-wuldgy
Kissies and lickies your neck
I hope daddy likies
Nuzzles and wuzzles your chest (Yuh)
I be (Yeah) gettin’ thirsty
Hey, I got a little itch, you think you can help me?
Only seven inches long, uwu, PLEASE ADOPT ME
Paws on your buldge as I lick my lips (UwU, punish me please)
'Bout to hit 'em with this furry sh*t (He don't see it comin')
Pat my head daddy my tail will go really rising
FBI open up its really tantalizing
Fuzzy wuzzy and nuzzy are all of my favorite words
Daddy please pat my belly while I do the worm

*beat stops
Me: H-Hey man don’t you think you’re going a little overboard with this furry sh*t?
I mean cmon just read the damn lyrics
Me: yeahhhh, you’re right I should stop


[King’s dead instrumental plays]
Miss me with that furry sh*t
I don’t really like em I’m a normie
I be blacking out with the weaboos (weaboos)
I made a song on furries then I freaked it (i freaked it)
I made that song ironically I freaked it (i freaked it)
This ain’t what you want (what you want)
This ain’t what you want (what you want)

Verse 2:
And it’s like that lil kohai
Life is really tough so i guess I’ll just go row by
I hate it when you call me daddy that just makes me feel weird
The FBI will come after me and my neckbeard

Hold up
This my confession
Teach you a lesson
Everything else is just me in this session

Court is in session
Suspect is me
Leave me alone let my family be
I'm just tryna hella free

No I don’t fantasize over cat girls
Nor do I think about furries that just makes me hurl
In conclusion, I am not in delusion
It was all one big confusion

*Page flipping
I don’t have anything else to say
*Microphone drops

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