Dusty* lyrics


Tory Lanez


Ayy, tell Sing to pick up the grip from the crib from Kellz

She ain't wanna f*ck with me, she told me I was dusty
50 Xanax bars when I pulled up in a Jet-ski
Now that I got money, now I know that this sh*t must be
Playing with your mind while you f*ck me and suck me
I done bust that Fendi on my wrist to make it husky
I done [?] it to make it musty
If I do a crime ain't no [?] trusty
I got my group all in my party, shawty if you try me, I'm busting
I took my love away from my shawty, don't trust me
And she one f*ck away from getting thrown out the function
M.I.A. with n*ggas, gotta f*ck up the function
M.I.A. with n*ggas, wanna f*ck up the function
Only got my f*ckin' heart broke 'cause I loved her
Wish I treated this b*tch like a hoe, I should've dubbеd her
Knew she was a thot, out thе spot, but I cuffed her
YSL the drip like I was Thugger, I'm balled out
Uh, you wasn't f*cking with me back when I was dusty
But you can suck my di*k for every time I succeed
Off the white, got the ice like I'm Gretzky
'Cause I regret you and you cannot regret me
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