Not Going Back lyrics


Tory Lanez

Lyrics from E-NFT snippet:

Shout out to g my brother
n*ggas just killed him now we cannot be here together
He put that g in the gutter
We put that street in a stutter
We put that b in a brother
Trapping out 7 11
n*ggas start clappin we send em to heaven
sh*t like the army better yet the navy
We all shooters but we salute the veterans
And n*ggas gon play is then n*ggas gon play us
n*ggas gon hate us but n*ggas won't fade us
I played the block when my n*ggas came back in a foreign all of a suddеn n*ggas was hatin
We get the drop on thе opps
Shoot at them n*ggas then f*ck all they sisters butt naked
It's such a dirty game that we playing
But i'm going crazy
But i'm enver scared myn iggas goin
My n*ggas blowing
55s on the side and the muscle tucked on the 40
I got a similar way under 20,000 just hid in the safe
Pave diamonds sit in the face
They don't wanna see a young n*ggas countin hundreds up while i sit in the wraith
f*ck the phone call dawg im counting like 50 a day
And G-O-D keep on blessin' me
Settin' the path, the Devil tryna get in my way
I give no f*ck 'bout the enemy
Devil just testin' me, angels gon' lift him away
Havin' epiphanies
Bad lil' b*tch came out from Tiffany
I gave that b*tch to the set
Shoutout lil' shotty, he got out the scuffle
We flyin' private on every lil' shuttle
Diamonds on diamonds, I came out to hustle
Get money, women, hypnotic, just f*ckin'
It's me and J poppin', we came up from this and no way we stoppin'
If n*ggas hating then they k
Get to speakin spanish on em like it was j balvin
10 20s and the 30s
Serve it
Chevy impala
Any n*gga in the world
Cool as long as she come back with all my guala
Ain't no button to snooze
Grandma's living room watching 6 5 seeing if you come up on the news
I got a couple of views
Paying a couple of dues
It ain't no way
Waiting for food
Waiting for fiends
n*ggas gon pay me in jewels
I got a dream
n*ggas gon pay me in streams
n*ggas gon pay me in views
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