Skates On Jake lyrics


Tory Lanez

Hop in skat skate, uh
I'm 'bout to zoom on jake, uh

New Moncler, my jacket new boost
My n*gga your Louboutin fake
She like how I move I skate, uh
Keeping that fly Moncler my sweater
That's your guy well tell him I'm better
I'm bout my cheddar my cheese my feta
Since my ex done left I'm cold hearted
I skirt I'm so sir
Nick keep talking I shoot up the whole party
I f*cked the [?] party
Hop in the skat Jake
Old rarri
And moving that hoe [?]
Knowing let me find out you owe body
Put hole in your whole body, aye
Heard your boyfriend brokе
I spent 10 thousand dollars on a Louis V coat
Wore that b*tch right out the storе
Let that boy talk and my shooter come right out the scope
I get to walking my b*tch get to throwing the flowers them hoes ain't riding my toe
I get to walking inside of the party my chain it shine like a light on the phone
None of my hoes gone bop
Ima take 60 in a b*tch take 40 off top
Drops with a scammer if a n*gga try to zone me I'm taking out the 40 getting blowing your block
Keep this one thing clear
When I walk through b*tches love my hair
I so [?] my money is there
I hop in that bag and I'm moving I'm fair, aye
Blowing out the stylist
I must've f*cked every b*tch in that [?]
Spinning that b*tch, like a n*gga was boss
Spend it all on her head till a b*tch got sharp with it, aye
Hop in skat skate, uh
I'm 'bout to zoom on jake, uh
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