Massimo Pericolo

"Sabbie d’oro (english translation)"

[Intro: Massimo Pericolo]
I've done a few bad things, and I've been a bricklayer
With the money in an attic, I've never been in a solarium
I don't talk to judges, and I got more than one year
In my case, my honor is worth more than my profit
I, since I live here, am hardened by the landscape
Rough like the lake that washes the beach

[Verse 1: Massimo Pericolo]
What did they want to teach me? Baby, after jail
What I have more is just a couple of years
I hate this stupid city
I throw up at the Festa dell'Unità
And I'vе thrown too few punches
But whoevеr is used to get everything is also used to kill for nothing
I wasn't really ready to do whatever I had to do
You have to understand who you are when you don't know who to be
Understand who you are when you don't know who to be
Who you are when you don't know who to be
I'm half good, half a man, so, plata o plomo?
In the bank with a golden card, or with a golden AK (Grrah)
I don't know how much does a flight to the Tropics cost
I don't know how much does it cost to be f*cking poor
Your cocaine addict overcoats and ornaments
Are in the caravans of nomad camps
Cop, look just a little further than your binoculars (Ah?)
There's no choice if your needs force you (Ah)
I wanted the money and I went on all the way
Just to discover that the good guys don't win the worst do
And I hate all of these as*h*les with a car (Vroom)
I want a lot of new toys to play it all
And, bro, this sh*t is magical, I'll turn the page with it
And I'll get out from a bad luck you can't even imagine
Meanwhile daddy has three children, but only one job (Dad)
In fact he gives money just to one of them (Dad)
If my parents had been rich, I wouldn't be who I am
But they're just two losers, and hear how good I sound
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