Massimo Pericolo

"Amici (english translation)"

Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah
Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah

[Verse 1]
I say yes, because they insist
Even if I insist: "No, I wouldn't come to that guy's party even if that was Christ's party, and then..."
It's been a long time since the I last went out
The last time it was colder and it got dark sooner
The world was turned off, now it's all more beautiful
And I hate it (pus*y)
"Okay, you won, I'll come
But I have no car and Pietro isn't coming
I'll pay for the gasoline and I'll buy you a drink
Come and get me, we'll go together, come on"
I wait for you and I wear something light
Feeling like I'm just a burden
But, come on, we've been friends for ages
So I calm down and I wait for the phone to ring (Tu-tu-tu-tu-tu)
I get down where my friend is waiting
Down at Brebbia's pools
For the gasoline, we all pay together
And we go away from this sh*t-hole (Vroom)
Here, life sucks in the long run
Let's go to Tigros to get something to drink
So at least we can drink like sh*t
And life can be more beautiful and even shorter (Shorter)
Come on, we go ahead to Varese
"Pass the glasses, I pour you something to drink"
Between laughter and Campari we get there folded like chairs
And this bourgeois has a villa just for his holidays
I just dreamed of having a room
Fields of ganja, mountains of weed
f*ck, how beautiful is the pus*y dancing
I missed my crazy guys
Who bring me around to parties
And that if I have some problems
They work hard to distract me
"I really want to thank you tonight
Let's make a toast, to my best friends (Gang)
Let's get drunk like some bums
And let's laugh like some children"
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