The Residents

"Interview (Part Two) [1]"

Syd: And there are The Residents one more time! This time playing “Satisfaction”, once again they’ve butchered up an old time hit! I’m Syd Powell in the RAO studios with Jay Clem, representative of Ralph Records. Mr. Clem, did indeed The Residents perform this music live last year?

Jay: Uh that’s right Syd, last year at the Rather Ripped Records 5th annual birthday party The Residents made their second ever live appearance, an appearance in which they actually appeared as mummies, and were assisted by the appearance of Arf and Omega Berry, the siamese twin tag-team wrestlers.

Syd: Siamese twin tag-team wrestlers indeed! Well perhaps you can explain to me why they don’t perform more often Mr. Clem, is perhaps the show as bad as the music?

Jay: Indeed not Syd, although it could appear to be that way to the lesser intelligent members of the audience. The simple fact is The Residents are a bit reluctant to expose themselves in public.

Syd: Well let's hear some more of This Residents music.

Jay: Okay

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